The Lightbearers: INTUITION is here!

“It was a dark and stormy night…” when The Lightbearers: INTUITION (aka “Book 4”) launched at FoxTale Book Shoppe on October 1.

Thanks to those who braved the weather and traffic to join us for the party. There Intuition cover 2015was book cover-themed cake, Grifone wine, and spirited conversation (ahem!), as well as a read-aloud preview of two of my favorite passages.

For those of you who have not yet delved into this latest book in the series, don’t worry – FoxTale is keeping plenty of copies on the shelves.

If you plan to visit the Florida Panhandle over Thanksgiving Weekend, visit me at The Blue Giraffe, where I’ll be signing copies on Saturday, November 28, from 2-4 pm. The folks at The Blue Giraffe are celebrating their 5-year anniversary that weekend, and I’m grateful that they are allowing me to share their party!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made a place for The Lightbearers Books on your reading lists and bookshelves. And those of you who have not yet dipped your toes into the intriguing waters of these inspiring beings… I invite you to join us!

Book Five – “Reunion” – will be out next year. In the meantime… Keep shining!

– Beth Hermes

“The Lightbearers: Fealty” Launches August 1

It is always exciting to launch a new book, but I find it especially fun to meet the readers Fealty Official Coverwho have waited patiently (okay – that’s a stretch) as the next book emerges from the depths, finds its way to publication, and becomes available to take home.

On Friday, August 1, “The Lightbearers: Fealty” (aka “Book 3”) launches at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia. The folks at FoxTale have been so supportive, and have hosted the launch parties for each book in the series.

This time, I will take part in a special “Friday Night Live” event, during which several authors and poets will present their latest works, so we will all be introduced to new stories, styles, and special people – you know, the ones who spend hours toiling over every word to ensure you enjoy reading the story as much as they (we) do giving birth do it!

I hope you’ll join us Friday night at 6:30 pm. And if you’ve never visited FoxTale Book Shoppe before, you’re in for a treat!

FoxTale is located at 105 East Main Street #138, Woodstock, GA 30188. 770-516-9989.

*Check out the Official Invitation on the shoppe’s Facebook Page.

The Lightbearers: Found Now Available

The saga of The Lightbearers continues – and now you can officially come along for the ride!

Black Rose Writing released “The Lightbearers: Found” on February 21, 2013, and it is currently available on and Barnes& – and, of course, through your favorite indie book stores via special order – just ask for it by name (or ISBN # 978-1-61296-173-6).

A few stores in the Southeast have copies, too, including FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia, and Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina.

And you can find copies at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, as well!

And if you’re ready for a great Reading Party, please join us on Friday, March 15, 2013 beginning at 6 pm, when FoxTale Book Shoppe hosts the Official Launch Party! (RSVP not required, but strongly recommended – and reserve or pre-purchase your copy from FoxTale to ensure Launch Party availability!) (770) 516-9989.


Official Launch Party Announcment

The wait is almost over for “The Lighbearers: Found,” the second installment in the popular Lightbearers series about mild-mannered accountant Cara Porter and the growing community of individuals who are discovering that their true calling lies in their identity as “Lightbearers.”

Our wonderful publisher, Black Rose Writing, is releasing the book on Thursday, February 21, 2013.

The “Official Launch Party” will be held a few short weeks later – on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 6 p.m., hosted by my favorite local Indie, FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia.

I hope you’ll be able to join us – there will be books, wine, cake – and a plethora of Lightbearers… What more could you ask for?

If you want to pre-order your book through your independent local booksellers, please share the ISBN number 978-1-61296-173-6. As you know, I encourage everyone to support their local independent booksellers, and I welcome you to share your comments about your relationship with a special “Indie.”

“Dragon wings are one way to soar; embracing our role in the Universe is another…”

Embrace your gifts, shine your light – see you on March 15!


Serendipity in The Lightbearers Books

One of the most enjoyable concepts I explore in “The Lightbearers” series is that of serendipity – some call it “coincidence,” but that sounds too much like chance. “Serendipity” implies that there is something deeper at work, “Divine Intervention,” if you like.

In August, I showed up for an event in Roswell a night too early – the event was to be held

Beth & Lisa at The Meditating Mantis – Sept 20, 2012

on Wednesday, but I showed up on Tuesday. Since I had another meeting just an hour later, I decided to visit the Meditating Mantis, just a few blocks away. The owner, Connie Taylor, greeted me, we talked about “The Lightbearers” books, and she asked if I would like to host a book signing event at September’s Alive After 5. Of course I said yes!

I posted on my web page, my Facebook page, Twitter – you name it. I announced it at meetings, told friends, invited people who had an interest in the book…

Fast-forward to September 20. I set up my table, displayed some books, smiled as people walked past, answered questions and generally had a lovely time.

Laura, one of my networking colleagues, waved at me from across the street, and she and her daughter made their way over to the porch. While I was talking with them, my college roommate, Lisa, and her husband, John, walked up, having decided to surprise me. Within moments of their arrival, my friend, Linda and her daughter, Margaret and granddaughter, Kate, arrived.

Lisa, Linda and I worked together more than 10 years ago, and we haven’t gotten together in several years (not because we hadn’t planned to, but because we are busy with work and our families and we don’t all live in the same part of town).

The concept of serendipity plays a major role in “The Lightbearers” series, so I think the reunion at the Meditating Mantis was more an affirmation of the existence of serendipity than coincidence. we don’t all live in the same part of town). Neither Linda nor Lisa knew the other was planning to attend the event. But here we were, the three of us, together again on the porch, laughing like we hadn’t skipped a moment.

But I’ll let you decide…

The Lightbearers: Awake at Alive After 5 in September

Visit the Meditating Mantis at Alive After 5 on Thursday, September 20 to purchase your copy of “The Lightbearers: Awake” and meet the author – or bring your previously

Meditating Mantis
1025 Canton Street, Roswell GA
(770) 645-6936

purchased copy and have it signed! Limited copies available for purchase at the event – $18 cash (includes sales tax).

Decatur Book Festival

I have always been enamored by the beauty of the written word, so when I attended the first AJC Decatur Book Festival with my family seven years ago, I was thrilled that there was actually an entire festival dedicated to BOOKS!

The event has grown every year, and has become the largest independent book festival in the country, with authors from all over scheduled to speak in lecture halls, churches, stages – pretty much anywhere there’s enough gathering space within a few-blocks’ radius of Downtown Decatur.

“The Lightbearers: Awake” author Beth Hermes

This year, “The Lightbearers: Awake” will be featured at the Emerging Authors Booth, and I will be on-hand to read from the book, talk about the book and answer questions at 4:20 on the Emerging Authors Stage (located just above the Church Street MARTA station). I’ll be signing copies of my book at 4:30. There will be a limited number available at the Festival, and I’ll also be happy to sign copies you have purchased elsewhere.

Parking is available in Decatur, but it’s an ENORMOUS festival, so I recommend taking MARTA. Click on this Festival Map for information about the locations of various booths (Emerging Authors Stage is marked with a “J” on the right side of the map). Or visit the AJC Decatur Book Festival website for information about authors, workshops, events and more.

See you at the Festival!

Food for the Soul

If you attended the Launch Party in July, you may have had the opportunity to sample the Cranberry Orange Muffins (made with local honey, of course!) baked by “Veggie Val” – a

Beth & Val

woman who understands how food can impact the body, mind and spirit.

She has graciously shared the recipe for the Cranberry Orange Muffins enjoyed by Lightbearer Marlene Luzell at “Jitter Beans Coffee House” in the books. I promise if you make these at home, you’ll wonder how those sugar-laced, mass-produced confections ever crossed your lips!

Thanks for the wonderful treats, Val!

Of course, we did enjoy sugar-laced (but custom-ordered) confection, in the form of our Celebration Cake, complete with “The Lightbearers: Awake” cover on top.  And of course we had red wine – Grifone Primitivo (what else?), which I later discovered is a Crew Pick at Trader Joe’s!

The Lightbearers: Awake Launch Party

Just a month following the release of “The Lightbearers: Awake” by the publisher, Black Rose Writing, we enjoyed an unbelievable turnout at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock on Thursday, July 26.

During the standing-room-only event, FoxTale sold more than 100 books! And, after reading a selection and speaking to the folks who brought their books for me to sign, I realized that so many people have had experiences that they attribute to coincidence – serendipity, if you will.

The dictionary defines serendiptiy as “making fortunate discoveries by accident.”

But I believe it’s something more.

Artist Carla Flack created the artwork used for the cover of “Awake”

Tune in to what is going on around you. The closer you listen, the more you will hear – sounds that your conscious mind was tuning out before you were awake…

The Lightbearers give us something positive and hopeful to believe in. They have questions and listen quietly for the answers – sometimes “hiding” in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered.

Lightbearers shine brightly so that others seeking answers can follow the light and find them for themselves.

           ~ The Foxes of FoxTale Book Shoppe ~                   Jackie Tanase, Karen Schwettmann and Ellen Ward,                         with Beth Hermes at the Launch Party July 26