Serendipity in The Lightbearers Books

One of the most enjoyable concepts I explore in “The Lightbearers” series is that of serendipity – some call it “coincidence,” but that sounds too much like chance. “Serendipity” implies that there is something deeper at work, “Divine Intervention,” if you like.

In August, I showed up for an event in Roswell a night too early – the event was to be held

Beth & Lisa at The Meditating Mantis – Sept 20, 2012

on Wednesday, but I showed up on Tuesday. Since I had another meeting just an hour later, I decided to visit the Meditating Mantis, just a few blocks away. The owner, Connie Taylor, greeted me, we talked about “The Lightbearers” books, and she asked if I would like to host a book signing event at September’s Alive After 5. Of course I said yes!

I posted on my web page, my Facebook page, Twitter – you name it. I announced it at meetings, told friends, invited people who had an interest in the book…

Fast-forward to September 20. I set up my table, displayed some books, smiled as people walked past, answered questions and generally had a lovely time.

Laura, one of my networking colleagues, waved at me from across the street, and she and her daughter made their way over to the porch. While I was talking with them, my college roommate, Lisa, and her husband, John, walked up, having decided to surprise me. Within moments of their arrival, my friend, Linda and her daughter, Margaret and granddaughter, Kate, arrived.

Lisa, Linda and I worked together more than 10 years ago, and we haven’t gotten together in several years (not because we hadn’t planned to, but because we are busy with work and our families and we don’t all live in the same part of town).

The concept of serendipity plays a major role in “The Lightbearers” series, so I think the reunion at the Meditating Mantis was more an affirmation of the existence of serendipity than coincidence. we don’t all live in the same part of town). Neither Linda nor Lisa knew the other was planning to attend the event. But here we were, the three of us, together again on the porch, laughing like we hadn’t skipped a moment.

But I’ll let you decide…

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